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deLVe psychiatry 1st and ONLY provider using Nexstim TMS Therapy.

As the pre-eminent provider of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy in Las Vegas, deLVe psychiatry offers a safe and FDA-approved treatment that utilizes magnetic pulses to target the root cause of depression. This potent, innovative treatment option is both highly-effective and covered by insurance.

About 75% of patients who complete a full course of TMS show a clinically meaningful response and about 50% experience a full remission, meaning their symptoms go away completely.

All major payers cover TMS treatment for Depression. If you've tried multiple antidepressants and therapy, there's a good chance your insurance covers it.

Sessions are about 20 minutes and you can drive to and from your appointments. The full course covered by insurance usually takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.

Need to know more? Call us. 702-897-7250.

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