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"A problem shared is a problem halved"
- 20th Century proverb


"Psychiatry is a humbling profession. There are times when a relationship conflict seems to be driving the condition, only to find out that a medication changes the landscape. Other times, the symptoms indicate a diagnosis, but resolution only comes following a shift in circumstances.

As a surgical intern, I came to realize that I was keenly interested in how patients and their loved ones responded to illness. I reflected back to how as a medical student, I readily took in subject matter related to the human mind and condition. The way one responds to their circumstances often influences the outcome. Psychiatry delves into the unmistakable interconnectedness between person and affliction. 

For me, the human mental condition is a kaleidoscope that often changes based on these circumstances. Delving into the unknown is what led me to pursue psychiatry. Why do people treat themselves and others the way that they do? I have spent the past 25 years contemplating this question. There is no more worthwhile feeling to me than to be a participant in the ease of someone's suffering and expansion of agency.


Setbacks, failures, and tragedies are painful and are a part of life. Half the problem is seeing the problem. A competent psychiatrist is able to help you do the work necessary to change the narrative that is self-limiting. It takes courage to give permission for another human being to be present when one is in pain."

 - John Reitano, MD


Delve Psychiatry is a patient-centered practice. Composed of a psychiatrist, a doctor of nursing practitioner, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner, we are able to utilize all levels of care. Working in a collaborative fashion, we utilize our experience, our education, and our relationships in order to see one's circumstances from all angles. The human experience is not a solo venture.  





"Dr. Reitano is incredibly patient and kind. He was able to help me see how I was getting in my own way. He weaned me off way too many meds and I feel that I can breathe again."

Current patient

"I cannot push him around. It is amazing how he listens, identifies my roadblocks and steers me to finding my own resolutions. I feel in control and in charge of my own life."

Current patient

"I contacted Dr. Reitano when I was struggling at work. My performance was high, but my relationship with my family was struggling due to the high pressures of my job. I was experiencing difficulties with co-workers that I had never experienced before. Dr. Reitano assisted me in identifying issues and establishing boundaries and goals that enabled me to find success at work and more importantly, allowed me to find happiness at home." 

Current Executive Coaching Client, COO 

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