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"Given one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes finding the solution." - Albert Einstein

Delve Psychiatry is a comprehensive behavioral health practice treating adults and adolescents in Las Vegas, Nevada founded by John Reitano, MD. He is a board-certified psychiatrist trained at The University of Pennsylvania. He has 25-plus years of experience treating patients in all types of settings, including private practice, community mental health, inpatient, couples and family therapy, as well as unique situations involving executives, family businesses, and the workplace.


Dr. Reitano believes that remaining open and curious to learning in the present is more important than bias and excels in treating the whole person, couple, family system or organization. Based on his many years of clinical experience in both psychotherapy AND psychopharmacology, he is well suited to complement each modality to achieve a benchmark of quality and integration. If half the problem is seeing the problem, then the other half is facilitating a relationship and environment conducive to finding acceptance and opening new doors. 

Dr. Reitano believes that there is nothing more interesting than human beings and nothing more satisfying than playing a role in helping a patient recognize and realize her or his potential. 

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Contact Us

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Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

Las Vegas Medical District

526 S Tonopah Drive, Suites 140-160

Las Vegas, NV 89106

t. 702.897.7250

f. 702.706.4838

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