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Family & couple counseling

"It takes two flints to make a fire."

                              – Louisa May Alcott

John Reitano, MD completed his psychiatric training at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He trained in family therapy and systems thinking in what was formerly known as the Marriage Council of Philadelphia as a resident and spent a year at the Williams Alanson White Institute studying organizational psychology. 

"I am appreciative to have received lectures on individual expression and responsibility from the controversial Thomas Szasz, MD, learned structural family therapy tenets from recent disciples of Salvador Minuchin, MD, couples therapy from Gerald Weeks, Ph.D., cognitive therapy from its founder Aaron Beck, MD and to have benefited from countless other teachers and mentors who taught me in one way or another, that competence without compassion is rubbish and vice versa."

- John Reitano, MD

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